Sugar Cookie Kindness

The kids and I recently baked and decorated sugar cookies. They were not bakery quality but they were absolutely beautiful to me because of the little hands that enjoyed being artistic with icing sugar and sprinkles! I was instantly taken back to my own childhood memories again. Isn’t that interesting how deep buried memories can be resurrected through seeing your own kids grow up? My … Continue reading Sugar Cookie Kindness

Conversations To Be Continued…

“Hi Lovely! How are you?” my friend Charlene said to me on the school run. Meanwhile her daughter, Eloise quickly mentioned, “Mummy, I’m hungry! May I have a snack please?” “Fine thanks! How are you Hon?” I replied back. And instantly my son Luke shouted, ” I want a snack too Mummy! Mummy, can I have something? P-L-E-A-S-E!” I don’t think Charlene and I have … Continue reading Conversations To Be Continued…

Six Years Old

Last Sunday night, I was madly setting up paper honeycomb ball decorations and our traditional “Happy Birthday” bunting banner. Presents were being wrapped and assembled for the morning excitement of our soon-to-be six years old, Anna. Cake and cupcakes were made and ready for the birthday girl. While doing birthday preparations, I was reminded about the Sunday night six years ago. At the time, little … Continue reading Six Years Old

Sandcastles, ice cream, and a summer birthday

It’s that time of year again…. the night before school starts. I can remember when I was a girl in school and this particular night would come along, I would have mixed emotions and a good reflection over the past weeks of summer. I still have those same type of thoughts as I reflect on the summer just gone, but my perspective is now from … Continue reading Sandcastles, ice cream, and a summer birthday