It Just Takes One

I remember, what seems like ages ago, applying for university as a senior in high school. All of my friends were applying to at least three to four schools to make sure they would receive an offer and then hopefully have the choice about where they wanted to go. 

Having viewed multiple options, I felt specifically called by God to go to a fashion school in San Francisco. I knew that’s where I wanted to be and so I did a risky thing—I only applied to the one school. Despite, wanting to second guess myself, I patiently waited over the next months and was thrilled to receive the good news of my acceptance! It just took one school! 

In a different context, I recall job hunting as a newlywed. After our California wedding, I found myself in the suburbs of London, applying to nearly one hundred job applications, learning the London Underground (Tube) with traveling to interviews, and wondering if any company would actually take a chance on this freshly arrived American! Six months later, I was delighted to find a company with a relaxed and inviting ethos and I accepted a job offer! Out of the sea of applications I made, it just took one job offer. 

Years later and becoming a mother of two, I had started my blog and wanted to use my writing to encourage Christian women, especially mothers. God placed it on my heart and challenged me to go even deeper to begin a book project about motherhood. It was most definitely a faith-growing activity as I began to write page after page.

Three-quarters through the book project, it was time to seek a publisher. I think when people heard I was writing a book, they secretly thought, “Good luck!” as there are many who write books but don’t necessarily finish their manuscript nor get it accepted with a publisher. One by one, I researched and began sending out enquiries to publishers—patiently waiting to hear back on any interest.

Seven rejections later, I was having to grow a thicker skin as I realized this might be a long journey to publication! Even continuing to talk with friends and telling them about the project, I started to question if I should keep pursuing the book. In one of my prayer times, I recall laying the book project down and recognizing that if God wanted it to be published, then He would sort it out—things would happen in God’s perfect timing. Within that week, I received a huge surprise email response from a publisher stating that they had accepted my manuscript and were thrilled to take it to publication! 

I am humbly delighted to let you know that my first book, Taking Care of Mama: Learning to Look After Yourself While Simultaneously Raising Your Little Ones will be published in Spring 2023 with Wipf and Stock! This labor of love project is all about mothers learning to be their healthiest selves and being able to give their best to their families. Even if only a handful of copies are sold, I am convinced that it has all been worth it. Despite the initial rejections, it just took one offer to publish!

Perhaps you have a brewing book too that is ready to burst forth and you are intimidated to pursue publication. Or maybe you have artwork that you want to bless others with, a new ministry to start at church, or something to bless the local community and you wonder how it could all come together. It is certainly not accidental that God places dreams in our hearts, and if we are willing to seek Him through the process of it all, God will unfold our ideas into reality in His way and His timing. 

Just remember that you are valuable to God. He loves you and He has given you talents and abilities, passions and dreams that are uniquely yours. Remember that Jesus goes after the one lost sheep, lost son/daughter, lost coin. When you are ready to let discouragement envelope your dream or passion, cling on to the tiniest faith that God knows what He is doing with your life—that it just takes one! One chance, one opportunity, one moment, one smidgen of faith, one life to shine brightly for His kingdom in so many unique ways!

13 thoughts on “It Just Takes One

  1. “When you are ready to let discouragement envelope your dream or passion, cling on to the tiniest faith that God knows what He is doing with your life—that it just takes one..” so true! God has a special way and timing to bring our (forgotten) dreams to life! 🧡🙏

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments! I take great encouragement knowing that nothing we hand over to God or pray about is wasted. He will always answer in his way and timing. Blessings on your day ❤️🙏


  2. Congratulations Joy 👏🏽. This was very encouraging for me. Have been thinking about a Bible study series and have been quite hesitant about the whole publication thing.

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    1. Thank you Manu! You have a wonderful gift with sharing your Bible studies and insights on your blog and a printed version would be amazing too! Praying that God guides you in the right direction with contacting the most suitable publishers ❤️🙏😘

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  3. Many many congratulations! Well done for all your hard work and for all the mental and emotional effort that went into your book! I am sure it will bring great encouragement and inspiration to others. I look forward to getting hold of a copy!

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  4. It just takes one. What an important thing to remember as mamas, whether it’s trying to teach our children skills/ manners or us trying to squeeze in that few extra minutes to pursue that lifelong dream! I’m so pleased for you. Thanks for sharing about the rejections too. ❤️

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