Being The Cheerleader For Our Children

I recently attended a school meeting with my daughter, who is about to go on her first school residential trip next month. As the teachers discussed the trip’s itinerary and logistical details, I couldn’t help but smile at the excitement of all the children in the room. Observing Anna’s wide grin and the classic fidgeting of an enthusiastic child sitting in a seat, made me remember my own first residential trip. Anna is about to go on an adventure of her own, just like I did and at the same age of eight years old. 

To me, those sorts of opportunities represented a rite of passage. I recall getting to have a taste of independence and trying something new but within the safe context of a school-led trip. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that Anna will get to go on this fantastic expedition, and I’m only slightly jealous that I can’t tag along and see some sites I would love to visit too!

With all that I do daily for my children, it can be challenging to let them go, explore, and take a leap towards building independence. These sorts of experiences are a nostalgic reminder that Anna is growing up faster than I would like. Now more than ever, I recognise that each day counts. Even within our days, she is busy at school and extracurricular clubs, while I am preoccupied with ‘family admin’ which includes all things home, school, and family related. Truly each moment I have with both my daughter and son are important, and I am so grateful for moments when I have the perspective to understand that time is going fast.

Dear God,

Thank you for the immense privilege it is to have children.

Help us to truly see and appreciate the little people you have put before us today and not take them for granted.

Bless the days we have with our children and help us to have a greater perspective of the people they are becoming. May we allow them to grow into who they need to be.

Help us to positively love, encourage, disciple, and train our children to know that they are enough just as they are.

Watch over our children when we cannot always be by their side and help us to cheer them on to their full potential.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


10 thoughts on “Being The Cheerleader For Our Children

  1. Enjoy this time and cherish every moment. It does feel like they grow up so fast. My son is in his final year of school and I think to myself where has the time gone. But one thing I am thankful for was that I was able to be there for him giving him my time as a priority and that is a blessing.

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    1. Thank you Manu! I hope you can really cherish this year and all of the wonderful accomplishments of your son from when he was little until now! You are so right, the time we give to our children is a gift to them and to us. ❤️

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  2. Joy,
    What a sweet and insightful post. You are truly honoring God in the way you care for your children and home. He will bless you beyond measure for choosing this path. May God continue to bless you and Charlie as you guide your family in the way that is pleasing to Him! We are proud of you! 😁❤️

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    1. Thank you Aunt Cindy for your encouragement! I hope you all have a lovely celebration for the upcoming wedding and a blessed reunion with you, Lori, and my mom able to see each other again! Lots of love ❤️


  3. Being present (in the moment) is something I have to be intentional about. Sometimes I can get to missing those toddler years or dread the college days that will come in a few years …but I have to remember each season of life is it’s own sweet blessing!
    Great post and encouragement!

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    1. Thank you Alicia! I think that needs to be my daily prayer to enjoy and be in this moment that God has given me! I’m totally right there with you! I love what you wrote about each season having its own blessings😘

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  4. As a mom, and now as a grandmother, I have always felt a sort of bittersweet nostalgia this time of year, whether it’s kindergarten graduation, high school graduation, college graduation, a wedding – high school reunion! – it seems every year there’s something to remind me how quickly life is flying by. Life is so precious. But it goes so fast, I’m glad this life isn’t all there is.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Annie! There is that calling to enjoy the present moments before they slip away. I agree, it is wonderful to know this life is just a small fraction of eternity with Jesus. Blessings to you!


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