There’s No Second-Class in God’s Kingdom

Anna was observing me writing a card, sealing it, and putting a stamp on the envelope. Having learned about the Titanic ship and how the various passengers were treated based on their first, second, or third-class tickets, she was curious about the postage I had used.

“Mummy, are we second-class people? Is that why you used a second-class stamp?” she asked.

I smiled and explained to her that a second-class stamp only meant that I didn’t need the card to arrive until the end of the week. A first-class stamp would have been used if I needed the recipient to promptly receive my card.

My daughter’s question prompted me to think deeper about the level of value placed on people. Sadly, our broken world likes to classify people based on their family background, physical looks, financial status, level of education, geographical location, job, etc. Almost anything has and can be used by others to judge and rank a person’s importance—at least in human terms.

And based on the perceived level of importance and value, a person may be treated from one extreme to the next—either with high esteem or no regard. It isn’t right, but we can all at some point, be made to feel that we are not as important as another person and regarded as second-class. We can equally catch ourselves making assumptions and mistreating others if we are not careful.

Growing up, my dad used to tell me a story about a man who went to look for a new car at his local car dealership. Observing his dirty jeans, worn out T-shirt, and cowboy boots, the salesman hardly paid any attention to this potential customer. Assuming that the man would struggle to afford the car he had selected, the salesman was astonished to watch the man hand him the exact amount owed for the new car—all in cash! My dad would always emphasize that no one should be judged based on assumptions and that respect and kindness should always be the rule in how we treat others.

Jesus led the best example of this in how he treated people. Tax collectors, prostitutes, fishermen, Pharisees, adults, children, etc-Jesus exemplified love in all of his interactions. And when he hung upon the cross, he didn’t just sacrifice himself for some but rather for all people.

I am so thankful that there’s no second-class in God’s kingdom! Each person has value as a child of God and is uniquely valuable because He gives us our worth. Jesus sacrificed himself for every person on earth—that is our proof that God truly loves us all, and we are each important to Him.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Second-Class in God’s Kingdom

  1. I wish we could break up societal norms that classify people! It is such a shame how judgemental humans can be towards one another. I love to hear about stories of people who came from broken homes or sad situations, and turned their entire life around!! God can one hundred percent do that for anyone. It is beautiful when this is celebrated in our society! Thank you for sharing this sweet story ❤

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    1. Thank you Brooke! Absolutely, when we consider that each person needs Jesus and that He died and rose again for all, we should be inspired to treat all people with an overflowing love and kindness.


  2. I love this! So neat when God speaks to our heart through what seems like everyday ordinary stuff …He can take the simplest of things and turn it into the extraordinary! Great learning and teaching lesson, thanks for sharing, Joy!!


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