Mamas, Stronger Together – Guest Series: Choose Life

Mamas, Stronger Together – Guest Series: Christian mothers have such a strength when we let down our guard and get real with each other, stop comparing ourselves to other mothers, when we stop making motherhood a competition, and instead build each other up as fellow mothers! Over the next weeks, we will hear from various Christian mamas who are each brave, beautiful, and strong in sharing the messages God has placed on their hearts. Enjoy the below message of encouragement from Kathryn Miller.

I was waking every morning with nausea for over a week before I decided to investigate. I left work early to go to a local pregnancy center in Irvine, California to confirm what I already knew. I kept the visit to myself due to a mixture of fear and embarrassment. The nurse came back with the results, pregnant. My heart sank like a ship at sea. I said very little and left dazed. Who would I tell? How would I tell? I kept the results to myself for another week before breaking the news to my boyfriend who became upset, insisting this would ruin both of our lives. He saw no other option except abortion—his words both stung and worried me.

We make choices every day. Some choices are easier to make than others. As a young person, I had gone with my parents to pro-life rallies to quietly hold signs outside of abortion clinics as a presence of solidarity for the unborn. The thought of having an abortion was foreign to me. Before leaving out of state on business, my partner urged me again to consider an abortion.  Despite a few heated conversations over the phone, I chose no matter what, to keep the baby. I was surprised when he called, after a few days, suggesting that the baby was a gift. A friend had encouraged him, God doesn’t make mistakes.

The truth is we were both scared over the conflict that separate religions and nationalities bring. It was frowned upon to have children outside of your own faith, and honestly, we knew very little about each other. I had found myself in a marriage arrangement that was not supposed to have lasted more than a few years.  I am not proud of some of the choices I have made but I have learned to make better ones.

My pregnancy was awkward—I did not have other women around to help me. I resigned myself to my changing body, knowing I could do nothing about it. It was only closer to my due date that I started a pregnancy class which shed light on some of the unknowns.

In the spring of the following year, I went overseas to visit my in-laws. They received me warmly and were excited about the baby. I received them too, but when my partner went alone to say goodbye to a woman who had been waiting for him to come back, I wondered if I had intruded.

We returned to California and moved shortly afterwards to Florida, stopping on the way to see my family. It was the first time they had seen me since I had ghosted them almost a year prior, hardly giving anyone notice of leaving.  It was a short visit and we continued on to Florida. Down to one shared vehicle and coupled with my ever growing belly, my new job search proved difficult. The situation became burdensome to my husband, but the tension resolved some after both sides of the family came to help with the birth.

As a new mother I knew very little—the birth of my son brought a lot of joy for everyone. Due to some birth issues, he required extra care early on. In this time, my heart and thoughts began to turn towards God. A struggling marriage, another child, and later divorce would press me even further to Him as I tried to make sense of my life—weighing the series of choices I had made that had led me to the moment.

I began to read the Bible hungrily and pray for guidance.  It was at this time I realized God was ever present—being alone was no longer an option. I needed support and was led to a local church where my children and I received help.

Without the right information, it can be hard to discern what to do, but even in the midst of less than picture-perfect circumstances, there is a better way. I learned that God is able to be known. He is a help in our time of need. He wants life for us just like I wanted life for my son. He also forgives the many unwise choices we make and gives us new opportunities.

Perhaps you are an unwed mother or in a struggling marriage? Maybe you feel alone and not sure what to do with the pregnancy test results? Our circumstances can be hard. I also know that no matter where you find yourself, you are not alone. You can choose to let God intervene, to help you step into the valuable role we mothers and women were created for. With His help, you are more than able, no matter what you are facing, to choose life.

Grace be to you.

Kathryn Miller’s bio: My life’s verse has been Psalm 27, “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation, I have nothing to fear.” Sometimes choosing the path to life is uncomfortable, and full of different challenges but God promises to faithfully lead us and guide us along the best path for our life. Connect with Kathryn on Instagram: @thoufairest.scribe Blog:

4 thoughts on “Mamas, Stronger Together – Guest Series: Choose Life

  1. Joy, thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony! I can’t imagine going through the things Kathryn went through without having the support of feiends – and without knowing Jesus! Since He knew her already, no doubt He was sustaining her, whether or not she was aware of Him at the time. ❤️

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  2. What a great testimony and encouragement especially to women who might be in the same circumstance. May we be quick to remember God is always with us and desires to help us along the way.

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