Taking Care of Mama

Even if my book encourages just one person, it was worth me writing it.

Joy A. Mead

These words have danced around my head since the first inkling that God wanted me to write a book about motherhood and they have carried me through all the way to now—the release of Taking Care of Mama!

I have always loved writing but have been slow to “put myself out there.” Starting this blog four years ago was quite the big step for me and sharing my thoughts with others. And nearly two years ago, I mustered up enough courage to send to publishers a sampler of a devotional book I had put together. All four publishers declined my manuscript. But funny enough, through the initial sting of rejection, God birthed into me an even better writing idea—to pen a book for mothers learning to take care of themselves while simultaneously looking after their little ones.

Looking back, I am astonished that I have in my hands a tangible copy of this book, my labor of love, that started off as just a seed planted by God deep in my soul. How it all came together is a bit of a blur, but as I started writing, the jigsaw puzzle pieces of chapters, headings, and sub-headings started to form and fit into place.

Reflecting back to nine years ago as a new mama, I thought I was supposed to somehow be a supermom and be able to meet the needs of my family without really having any needs of my own. How wrong I was! I was burning myself out and was unable to truly give the best of myself to my husband and children.

Taking Care of Mama is about my own personal journey towards healthier motherhood, loving myself as I love my family, and growing deeper with God throughout this beautiful and equally challenging job I have been blessed with—to raise up the next generation. I am also thrilled that some dear friends and family, who are also mamas, have joined me and shared some lovely writing contributions towards my book.

Friends, I do not have the answers or boast that somehow I can make your motherhood journey smoother, but I can offer you a helping hand, or in this case, my words now in book form to encourage, nurture, and spur you on to thrive in your own unique motherhood.

If your mama heart is weary and needs a boost, this book is for you! I have written Taking Care of Mama as if you and I were having a good heart-to-heart chat over a comforting hot drink. May you be strengthened in understanding who you are, your roots grown deeper into God, and understand that your role as Mama is probably the most important role you could ever have in your lifetime.

Taking Care of Mama is available in the US at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBook.com. In the UK at Amazon.co.uk, Blackwells, and Book Depository.

Be blessed friends and thank you for your support!

10 thoughts on “Taking Care of Mama

    1. Thank you, Annie! That is very kind of you! It’s my prayer that it would bring soul nourishment to many mothers, particularly in those really challenging first years of taking care of little ones. ❤️

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  1. Huge congratulations to you Joy!! So proud of you. You’ve done it! What a wonderful encouragement to hopefully many but also for yourself – you’ve taken an idea and made it real. Truly amazing!

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