Have Your Way In Me

While I was having some quiet time with God, I was reminded of an old Hillsong worship song, “I Give You My Heart.” As I listened to this song, I felt the weight of stress, anxiety, and worry fall off my shoulders as I took a deep breath in and sighed. 

The verse that touched me straight to my soul was, “Have Your Way In Me.” I can’t think of a better prayer that I should be offering to God. It reminded me that my focus shouldn’t be on me and what I want but rather on what God wants. 

I will admit that as a busy mama, sometimes my prayers can run off like a shopping list. “God, please bless this, watch over that, help in this area, be our strength, protect our children . . .” I can ramble away.

But do I actually stop to listen to what God wants for me? Can I hear His voice above my own? 

I do believe that God wants to participate in all areas of our lives and praying to Him allows us to have chats throughout the busy days. However, I want to make sure to present my requests with thanksgiving, with humility, with the knowledge that what I think I want might not be what God has for me in this moment. 

Let’s keep sharing with God from deep within our hearts and asking for Him to do His will in our lives. Let us purposefully set aside time to pray and listen, creating space to be quiet and receive. 

May we be filled with awe for our loving God and above all other prayers, ask for Him to have His way in us.

4 thoughts on “Have Your Way In Me

  1. Amen 🙏🏽. May we listen to Him and want to know what His will for us is. And place all that is on our hearts with thankfulness and humility. We always need this reminder Joy. As mums there is always so much that we want to bring before God concerning our families that we do tend to ramble out our requests.

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