Stamped Onto Your Heart

A few weeks ago, I had a lovely catch up with a friend of mine. Likeminded, she is an intentional Christian mother, trying to nurture and guide her children through this rollercoaster ride of life.

As we shared and discussed the things on our hearts, it was wonderful to end our time with prayer. Lifting all of our ideas, dreams, challenges, and victories up to Jesus allowed us to hand over our thoughts and hopes to God as our offering.

With our eyes closed and heads bowed, I saw the image of children’s stamps and paper. Our hearts are like the paper and our ideas and dreams like the stamps pressed onto our hearts by God to use, however He sees fit.

Sometimes we have a dream or idea for our lives and we don’t quite know what to do with it. We often pray and seek God first to receive an indication of progressing with our idea. It is always a wise choice to wait and pray before acting, but we also need to be ready to bravely and boldly take proactive steps when led to do so.

My question for you today is, “What talents, ideas, and dreams has God stamped onto your heart?” From starting a new ministry to home schooling your kids, moving cities, creating more community in your area, or simply fostering more gratitude into your life, or being purposeful to creating a welcoming home. Choose to see these ideas as God-given treasures uniquely pressed onto your heart, to be used for His glory and as a praise offering back to Him.

Dear God,

Thank you for the beautiful ideas and dreams that you have stamped onto my heart.

Sometimes I don’t know where to start or even if my ideas are in Your timing.

Help me to discern when to wait on You and also when to act.

May my life glorify You through using the unique gifts, talents, and ideas that you have given me.

Keep my eyes and heart on You through life’s up’s and down’s.

And may the Holy Spirit help me to keep doing the good work that you started in me.


Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

5 thoughts on “Stamped Onto Your Heart

  1. Thank you for this Joy. I needed to hear this. There are a couple of things that are stamped on my heart, I know not at this moment how and where to start. Your words describing them as God given treasures to be used for His glory and an offering of praise reminded me to pray about it more diligently, so I am going to be starting from there- prayer.

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    1. Hi Manu, I’m so glad that my post encouraged and touched you! I shall be praying with you that God would reveal details of the ‘stamps on your heart’ in His way and timing. I love that God gifts us each uniquely! Blessings my friend ❤️

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  2. Beautiful analogy ❤️ I feel like I’ve run out of ink currently but I can reflect on the work He’s already done, and I know He’ll stir up new ideas in His perfect timing for future use!

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