Don’t Panic

It was five past three and things were happening right on time. I collected my son from his gate at school and then we circled around the school to collect my daughter from her gate. Walking with friends and holding lunchboxes, a book bag, backpack and water bottles, I forgot I was also holding my car keys. By the time we crossed the road near the car, I started to feel panic creeping in as I looked for the keys. Realising they had been in my hands upon arrival at school, we had to go back and retrace our steps.

I whispered a quick prayer that God would help us locate the car keys and help keep me calm. My mind was already trying to think of alternative plans as a worst case scenario. As we completed the loop of our walk around the school, I started to really get flustered, knowing we needed to race home and get back for my daughter’s ballet class.

My last attempt was walking to the front of school and checking if anyone had found and turned in my keys. Sure enough, an amazingly kind soul, with a good eye, had indeed turned my keys into the office! We were able to drive home after all and get to ballet without the hassle and stress of walking back with tired, hungry, and grumpy children. Thank you so much to God and the wonderful person who was looking out for me today!

It’s in these moments of trying not to panic that I realise I’m really not in control. That sometimes things happen, unplanned things and I have to have the flexibility and resilience to accept that routines can get shifted, accidents occur, or things can get lost.

And when the relief comes, it is all the more sweet because regardless of how it happens, we can be assured that God is with us. I’m trying to pray more like this these days, “God, I’d really like to find my keys right now, you know that I’ve got children with me who need being looked after and it would really help to be able to get them home quickly. Please let us promptly find the keys or help me to adjust my plans, stay calm, problem solve, and accept this different afternoon. Please just be with us.”

It is so easy to worry and get panicked when our daily routines are thrown off course, yet God is still with us amidst the rain storms of life. Whatever your panic moment might be, try to accept it and give it to God. He promises to be with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9) and help us in our troubles (Psalm 46:1).

Dear God, Thank you for disruptions in life. As irritating as they can be, it serves as a reminder that I am not in control. No matter how independent and capable I am to look after myself and my family, I recognise that I need your wisdom, guidance, love, grace, forgiveness, compassion, and protection. Help me to remember and warmly include you in my daily life. Thank you that you can even use my missing keys to help point me back to your straight path. As I spend time in the Bible and talking with you, help me to keep trusting, even when little and sometimes big panic moments happen. Help me to believe and trust in your greater plans. That you are always with me no matter what. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Panic

  1. The last few days I have been thrown many moments of panic… and I have to admit that I have allowed myself to, as well! At the same time, I have been reminded in so many ways, in each situation, that God is still in control! And it has been truly amazing, and had me in tears every time. He has not forgotten me, and never will!
    Thank you for this beautifully reassuring blog post ❤

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    1. Lots of love to you Meg! And may God keep giving you those reminders that you are loved, held by Him and that he will walk with you faithfully through all panic moments. 😘


  2. Good thoughts.❤️I’m thankful you found your keys and I love your reflection here. It’s so important to allow God’s plans and timing over our own, not always easy but there’s opportunity for our heart to be softened when we do..especially as we reflect back to the moment knowing we accepted the change without frustration, embarrassment, and regret over our emotions.

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    1. Thanks for your comments Alicia! Yes, I’m so glad I found my keys too. These panic moments help focus our hearts back to His and help us to learn to trust in whatever He is doing through it all 😀😘

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