Conversations To Be Continued…

“Hi Lovely! How are you?” my friend Charlene said to me on the school run.

Meanwhile her daughter, Eloise quickly mentioned, “Mummy, I’m hungry! May I have a snack please?”

“Fine thanks! How are you Hon?” I replied back.

And instantly my son Luke shouted, ” I want a snack too Mummy! Mummy, can I have something? P-L-E-A-S-E!”

I don’t think Charlene and I have hardly ever had a full conversation! We both have children at the same school and have had so many conversations back and forth to the school gates, that are ended like a good movie that’s been split into two or more parts: To be continued…..

Another friend, Michelle and I just this week were looking after our youngest children while the eldest ones were in ballet class. We had no more than ten minutes of conversation (while holding and trying to simultaneously entertain the little ones) to do the quickest catch up. In a completely different context, it was like our own little mums’ board meeting where you get five to ten minutes with your boss and team and you have to be very concise with words and updates.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” This has certainly been my season for quick catch ups and often thinking of friends but following up weeks and months later!

So to all the friends I have neglected since becoming a mummy, it’s not because I don’t like you or have stopped thinking about you, but rather I’m in a season of life where all I can hardly remember is today. If you’re not in my circumference of daily life, school, and church, I will probably seem slow to communicate. And even within my immediate circles, I’m not great at keeping in touch regularly. Bear with me and even send a chasing message as a reminder, if I haven’t gotten back to you in a long while!

Charlene, Michelle, Christine, Angela, Joy, Rebecca, Janet, Sarah, Beth, Cara, Andrea, and so many more mums and dads too, you get it. This child-focused season is intense but let’s not get weary of being there for our families AND friends. Even if it’s just a thought or prayer, our friends and people in our paths have shaped us into who we are now as parents and simply as people.

And as time allows within your season, may there be some moments where your ‘To be continued’ conversations and relationships can be picked up wherever you left off.

5 thoughts on “Conversations To Be Continued…

  1. I have been in this place for so very long! This school year is my first time as a mother to have all of my kids in school all day. It is really fantastic to finally have coffee with a friend and get to complete a thought. . .but every spare minute of my evenings are spent studying for GCSE’s with my almost 16 year old. . .so, it only gets a bit better as they get older!


    1. So glad you are getting to have some space in your days! And get a coffee with a friend. My friend Charlene and I finally managed to have a coffee by ourselves just a couple weeks ago when the littlest ones were at nursery! I’ll check back in for advice when I get to GCSEs stage! Yikes!


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