Little Fingers

At mealtime we try to always say a short prayer of thanks for our food and lately the kids have been joining in. To clarify, Anna has been saying prayers for quite a while but now, to our delight, Luke has been saying his own too. My heart melts every time I hear him say his prayer of the moment, “Dear God, Thank you for my little fingers. Amen.” It’s the sweetest thing and the most wonderful part is that he has come up with it all on his own. If anything could melt this mummy’s heart, it is for sure the sweet, simplistic yet sincere prayers of my children.

Last week, we received the official letter that Luke has a nursery place at Anna’s school for September and besides being super excited, it really hit me that he’s growing up so quickly. Our little boy has been doing school runs since he was strapped onto me in a baby carrier and now it’s going to be his turn. He has faithfully waved goodbye to Anna at the school gate with me, been there at pick up, and recently has been calling it “his” school. I think Luke will look adorable in his little uniform and he is such a curious boy ready to always explore his world, but I’m just not sure this mummy is ready to let go yet!

A few weeks ago, we had an appointment in London. Luke absolutely LOVES going on the underground trains so that in itself was a treat to him. But after our appointment, I thought it might be fun to check out the ZSL London Zoo. We’ve taken the kids to its sister zoo, Whipsnade, but I thought why not explore the one in the city? It was quite a good walk for me with the pushchair from Baker Street station but very beautiful as the zoo is situated within Regent’s Park. Luke loved our adventure even before we got to see any animals! The first ones we saw were the penguins. We love penguins, as many families with little children do, and it was so fun to see Luke’s face light up when he could practically touch the penguins that were at his level. He thought it was the best day ever and we spend a long time enjoying these sweet little birds perfect for a toddler to enjoy up close. In my mind, I took a photo to store in the memory bank for always. I will forever remember Luke’s beaming smile in his little red & blue coat along with his orange fox hat, ready to explore his world.

Another sign of my littlest baby growing up has been the dropping of his afternoon nap. I was determined to keep it going until at least his third birthday in May but he stubbornly dropped it at Christmas and that was that with a regular nap time. My little man is constantly on the go now and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I find it all exhaustive at times. I wish I had a few minutes to myself to sort dinner or turn off from being a 24-7 mum, but just when the intensity of my job (for that is what motherhood is!) seems too much, I am always reminded that this season is limited. I have from now until September to really enjoy time with Luke before he goes on his morning preschool adventure. This is it while he is just mine!

So as many older parents have told me already, I am trying to soak up these moments, as they are going so fast. Each time Luke says his little fingers prayer, I echo it in my heart as I am thankful for having raised him thus far, celebrating all his progress to now, and cheering him on as he grows older. I am thankful for his little fingers that still fit in my big fingers, for his sweet hugs and laughter, cuddles while watching Thomas the Tank Engine, and for the privilege to be his mummy. This is time I don’t get back, so I WILL make the most of it. I’m sure we’ll be back to see the penguins again soon as well as many train rides and other toddler enjoyments. My boy is nonstop, clever, cheeky, and loves good music just like his daddy. He takes up most of my days and makes it difficult to think about anything else, but he is uniquely Luke and I wouldn’t change a thing about him. I’ll love you for always my little Fox.

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