Mamas, Stronger Together – Guest Series: The Gift of “Me Too”

Mamas, Stronger Together – Guest Series: Christian mothers have such a strength when we let down our guard and get real with each other, stop comparing ourselves to other mothers, when we stop making motherhood a competition, and instead build each other up as fellow mothers! Over the next weeks, we will hear from various Christian mamas who are each brave, beautiful, and strong in … Continue reading Mamas, Stronger Together – Guest Series: The Gift of “Me Too”

Expectations In Friendship

Before children, I think I was a decently considerate friend—spending time, calling or sending messages, and posting birthday cards on time were all routine activities. However, since having children, I have had to let my previous standards slip, while struggling to keep up with the daily demands of raising a family. Often, as a mother, it is all I can do to keep up with … Continue reading Expectations In Friendship

Charlotte The Encourager

My lovely friend Charlene is an encourager. She is a seeker of God’s heart and humbly listens to the Holy Spirit working in her life and in others. We’ve had great conversations and there is an openness and freedom being sisters in Christ together. We were recently at her youngest daughter’s birthday party (before lockdown!) and to my surprise, Charlene’s eldest, Charlotte had made me … Continue reading Charlotte The Encourager

Conversations To Be Continued…

“Hi Lovely! How are you?” my friend Charlene said to me on the school run. Meanwhile her daughter, Eloise quickly mentioned, “Mummy, I’m hungry! May I have a snack please?” “Fine thanks! How are you Hon?” I replied back. And instantly my son Luke shouted, ” I want a snack too Mummy! Mummy, can I have something? P-L-E-A-S-E!” I don’t think Charlene and I have … Continue reading Conversations To Be Continued…


I’ve been thinking a lot about roots lately. We don’t see them much, but roots are what allow trees to steadily plant into the ground and give them stability to grow healthy and strong. Rainfall, sunshine, and soil conditions all play their part on trees and plants, but those roots underneath really help determine the quality of life for the plant. Friendship roots are similar, … Continue reading Roots