How Far Does Your Ripple Spread?

As an ordinary Christian, sometimes I can feel discouraged that somehow I am inadequate to spreading the Gospel’s good news. Surely pastors, preachers, clergy, and those employed by the church are more qualified to share about Jesus, right? Wrong! When I get into that mentality, I am ignoring the types of people that Jesus called to follow Him and be his disciples. If He called … Continue reading How Far Does Your Ripple Spread?

Is It Christian Enough?

Have you ever put yourself out there, only to find that instead of praise and applause you received critique and judgment? With the release of my book, Taking Care of Mama, I have been sharing it with other Christian mamas to hopefully, enjoy and spread the word about this new resource for mothers who are trying to balance looking after themselves and their little ones. … Continue reading Is It Christian Enough?

Our Spiritual Tree

A couple weeks ago, we were at my in-laws house and the family tree was pulled out. My nine-year-old daughter was fascinated by all of these people who came before us on this scroll of many names. My mother-in-law’s father had roots back in the Netherlands and we enjoyed conversations about what their lives would have been like and speculated about what propelled them to … Continue reading Our Spiritual Tree

What Can I Give Him?

Amidst the Christmas preparations and the final week of school, I found myself preparing gifts for the teachers. Writing out cards of appreciation and baking chocolate orange cookies, I was focused on giving to others. And after an appointment in the city, I did one last round of shopping for a few presents for our children and the cousins. Genuinely, I love preparing gifts and … Continue reading What Can I Give Him?

Red Light, Green Light

Do you remember that childhood game? Children would line up and the teacher would hold up a green circle symbolizing, “Go,” and all the children would speed across the room. Next a red circle would mean you had to, “Stop!” And everyone would abruptly come to a halt. Similarly, life itself can feel a bit like, “Stop and go,” just like the childhood game or … Continue reading Red Light, Green Light

Expectations In Friendship

Before children, I think I was a decently considerate friend—spending time, calling or sending messages, and posting birthday cards on time were all routine activities. However, since having children, I have had to let my previous standards slip, while struggling to keep up with the daily demands of raising a family. Often, as a mother, it is all I can do to keep up with … Continue reading Expectations In Friendship