These Are The Days

Hearing certain old songs can really stir my heart, especially when I haven’t listened to them for ages. Charlie and I were watching some video clips of the kids from two years ago and goodness, how they have grown! It makes my heart both happy and filled with a bittersweet sadness at the realisation that they are growing so fast. And then comes the further reminder that I cannot stop this growth process.

Keith Urban’s song, These Are The Days Listen here came into my head as I was getting ready for bed. I must have listened to his Days Go By album on constant repeat throughout my last years at university, wondering how my life was going to go. Fourteen years later and hearing These Are The Days brought a warm, sentimental feeling, for the dreams I once dreamed have become my reality. And I have much to be grateful for.

The lyrics speak right to the heart of waking up to remember that each day is important. This moment, not tomorrow or the next year, even through a pandemic and trying to come out the other side, there is life to be lived.

Life’s for livin’ child, can’t you see that, these are the days we will remember. These are the times that won’t come again. The highest of flames becomes an ember. And you gotta live it while you can. So take ‘em by the hand, they’re yours and mine. Take ‘em by the hand, don’t let them all fly by.

Keith Urban

It’s hard to absorb the present and actually be thankful for it in the moment, but I will sure keep trying! My seven year old and four year old are growing up so quickly. Day to day, it seems like we’re always on a repetitive schedule, but the years are truly flying. I only have to watch a few old videos to remind myself.

So before you miss another minute, take a good look at the mess around the house, dishes and toys scattered about and just ignore! Now look again and see those happy, cheeky little faces, the laughter at the schemes they get up to, and stop to give them a squeezy cuddle! These are the days we will remember. Live them well!

10 thoughts on “These Are The Days

  1. Ahhh my heart!!! This has really been something on my mind, I need to focus on the here and now! I tend to miss my kiddos younger years and whine about them growing up they’re 10,12, and 14 now and yes you’re right the time goes so’s bittersweet for sure but just because they’re becoming so independent they will always need me in some way or another ❤️

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I was writing it and really reminding myself too. We can all be thankful for today. I think as parents that’s a special gift we can give our children by showing them by example how to live in the present and not wishing their lives away. I like what you’ve said that even as kids grow up, we can still be there for them in different ways! Blessings on you and your family 😘

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  2. Oh Joy, another precious post from you. I feel so inspired when I read your thoughts. It’s so true they grow so quickly and it’s about being mindful when all we want to do is clear up their messes. So so true. You have uplifted my soul no end. Thank you for sharing yet another wonderful message from Jesus.

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