Autumnal Glory

It’s been a wet and grey week as colder November weather kicks in and the shortened evenings grow dark before dinner time. To contract the grey skies, I love how the deciduous trees truly are shining out their autumnal glory. The bright colours around our neighbourhood are absolutely stunning and it’s a reminder of God’s beauty all around us, if we take the time to observe it. I’m certainly soaking up the last days and weeks of these beautiful colours. Enjoy!

This lovely tree is just at the end of our road and across the street. Against the blue-grey background, I love how it stands out in such a vivid and stunning way.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in my local grocery store buying a few bits and in the car park, I was struck by these beautiful hues of fiery orange and gold. I was back again today getting more groceries and the winds have taken all of the leaves off of this tree. It’s a reminder to me to stop and enjoy the little beauties around us. They don’t last very long but are so enjoyable to see for those few weeks of the autumn.

On my drive to Anna and Luke’s school, I pass this proud tree and I love the contrast of the dark bark on the tree trunk and the bright yellow, orange and hint of green leaves.

After a walk at our local Aquadrome, I stopped by a shop and was delighted to see such a lovely wall of colour. It made me want to soak up the wonderful beauty and rich, vibrant colours and remember them as we head into winter soon. As I have been taking in this natural beauty around me, I was reminded of lyrics from Phil Wickham’s song You’re Beautiful:

I see your face in every sunrise

The colours of the morning are inside Your eyes

The world awakens in the light of the day

I look up to the sky and say

You’re beautiful

If the autumnal leaves can be this spectacular, imagine how glorious and radiant the Creator is?

Thank you God for your lovely trees reflecting how marvellous and beautiful you are.

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